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Our Most Popular Address Labels

Same layout as Avery® 5160
click here to buy ML-3000 Address Labels, same layout as Avery® 5160
Size: 2-5/8 x 1, 30 per sheet
Same layout as Avery® 5161
click here to buy ML-2000 Address Labels, same layout as Avery® 5161
Size: 4 x 1, 20 per sheet
Same layout as Avery® 5163
click here to buy ML-1000 Address Labels, same layout as Avery® 5163
Size: 4 x 2, 10 per sheet
Same layout as Avery® 5162
click here to buy ML-1400 Address Labels, same layout as Avery® 5162
Size: 4 x 1-1/3, 14 per sheet
Same layout as Avery®:none
click here to buy ML-1450 Address Labels
Size: 4 x 1-1/2, 14 per sheet
Avery ® cross-reference numbers are used here SOLELY for selection of proper software template layout in most popular label software programs. We do not sell Avery ® products and are in no way affiliated with Avery ® . Avery ® cross-reference numbers are not indicative of sheet performance.